Tsinghua Professor Presents at GMU on Sino-Europe Communication

来源:清新国新 作者:朱泽宇

Students from Guizhou Minzu University and Tsinghua University attended a presentation given by a Tsinghua University professor on June 23 in Southwestern China’s Guizhou province.


Zhang Li, Associate Professor from Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, emphasized the importance of the international communication in Sino-Europe relations.


In her presentation, she covered a wide range of topics with concrete details based on her own researches, including an analysis of the new international environment that China is facing and the importance of China-Europe relations and the international communication between them.



Zhang Li at presentation, Photo by Li Yaoqi


She later talked about the difficulties and challenges in China’s international communication with Europe, including the differences in ideology, political systems and media systems, stereotypes, ethnocentrism, differences in values and cultures, as well as China and Europe’s respective roles in international affairs and status quo of their bilateral relations.


The presentation ended with her own empirical research in the communication effects of China-Europe international communication.


“To make the communication effective, we have to use different methods to communicate with people from various countries,” said Zhang.


Representatives from the government, media, and faculty members from GMU also attended the event.


Guizhou Minzu University, located in Guiyang, was founded in 1951 as an effort to promote equity of education by fostering talents mostly for ethnic groups. In addition, students of ethnic groups in China enjoy extra points in their university entrance examinations.


The presentation was the last stop of a field trip, led by Zhang, participated by students of the MA Program in International Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua.


During the eight-day trip, the students were expected to report about what they see in Guizhou in forms of news articles, photographs as well as videos. Four students and one faculty member from GMU traveled together with them.

Reporter|Zhu Zeyu